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Agency of Architecture

We are Agency of Architecture. A young, vibrant design studio who care about the environment and creating meaning in buildings.
Our mission is to change how we think about space and use all senses for a heightened plain of experience.
We are all about collaboration and working together to advance the cause for more accessible design. 

​An architectural design studio with over a decade worth of experience, across a number of sectors and an active interest in environmental methodologies.

We have a true understanding of how to visually communicate concepts and aesthetics, with extensive knowledge of construction and historical architectural techniques.


Agency of Architecture is a place for innovation, a way to challenge the conventional methodologies of an industry saturated with "traditional" approaches to architecture.


When you look at the world and how we currently exist, we build, create and cultivate our own environment. We believe that one of the biggest elements which we can be affected is architecture.  We are a considerate and understanding studio that prides itself on ethical social design, enabling better living conditions for all. 


Utilising abstract and alternative solutions to fit your brief, we can achieve outcomes that aid in preserving the environment whilst pushing the parameters of space. No matter the scale, we can challenge the status quo and design to your requirements while adding the subtle yet impactful nuances true architectural design needs to have.

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